Want sustainable smart transport infrastructure or solutions to address shortage of drinking water and lack of public sanitation or need ergonomic, adaptable street furniture? Eco-unified gives you the most suitable modular solutions to address your requirements.

With us, your requirements are always our guiding principles. We provide custom solutions of the highest quality, designed and built to satisfy your requirements.

Eco-unified solutions Private limited has been established to provide cost effective, sustainable solutions in the WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) sector and street furniture segment. We also provide low cost adaptable urban transport and internet connectivity solutions.  We are head quartered in Bangalore, India.

Quality is our motto and we deliver an unparalleled product range and the best service imaginable.

Our products adhere to the following guiding principles

  • Encourage increased public transport usage through smart solutions
  • Integration with technology to ensure easy monitoring and maintenance
  • Availability of clean drinking water for everyone
  • Easy access for everyone to sanitation solutions including public toilets
  • Provide Ergonomic street furniture solutions
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly products
  • Equality of use for all people
  • Use high quality materials to ensure durability of the products
  • Highly reliable and easy to maintain
  • Best in class products which are easy to install, vandal resistant and modular
  • Provide a safe and enjoyable environment to all users

Eco-unified provide solutions which are highly sustainable, adaptable and we will be able to provide them in a variety of sizes and configurations or can be built according to client requirements. Where required our solutions can be adapted to complement the surrounding environment, they will satisfy the most demanding customers and are aesthetically appealing.

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